Friday, September 19, 2014

Best Day Ever+ Tee shirt giveaway, $25 Target gift card giveaway

To me when saying "Best Day Ever" it has to involve family. My best day ever happened early early September 11. A day we usually sit in mourning over the tragedies that occured. All though it's a tragic day a glimmer of sunshine came to us this day. Our baby girl was born at 12:45 that morning. That whole day was calm and spent with people I love.

Wearing the shirt and carrying a newborn people automatically know how I feel about being a new mom. Life is so precious we have to cherish it. Especially new life.

I know its jut a graphic tee, but graphic tee's are more than just that now. It expresses how you feel without having to be asked. You can't go a day without seeing one. You can dress them in so many ways. I just paired mine with skinny jeans. Being a new mom I have had barely had time to sleep. So a tee and skinnies are perfect.

Elevate Promo sent me this shirt, and they are also giving away a shirt to one of my lucky readers. And since I thing it is such a great promotion I will also give one runner up a $25 Gift Card to Target.

Rules: You get one entry for each step you complete, comment below after each step completed.
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Wednesday, September 17, 2014

Avon Favorites

So I have always been a fan of Avon. My mom has been an Avon lady since I could remember. Avon makeup is what I learned with and grew up with. Of course I love all types and brands of makeup. I do love Avon. I still order from them all the time. And since they have made it so you can order online and have the makeup shipped to you, it has been so much easier to place an order. If you go to the Avon banner on my sidebar you can order right from there. Super easy. Here are some of my Avon favorites, I love and use daily.

must haves

Tuesday, September 16, 2014

Shopping Bag Lady

So this day was cold, wet and I had to be out and about. So I bundled up. You ever like your outfit then you see pictures of it and then you were like uhh...I look like a shopping bag lady. But whatever, you win some you loose some. So today I present Cayli as the shopping bag lady. I do like the hat.

This is the last of the baby bump pics. I am sure I will have a small bump for a while, but now that baby girl is here we are spending all our time loving on her and just being with her. I love her so much already and absolutely adore her. Thank you for all your sweet messages. Be patient with the lack of posts. It's family bonding time :)

Hat (similar) / Coat (similar and on sale) / Scarf (similar) / Dress (similar) / Boots / Rings / Tights / Belt (similar)

Monday, September 15, 2014

Makeover Monday: Night Out Look+ $400 giveaway

So basically I am taking last weeks daytime look and just building onto it. I am adding gel liner, bronzer to contour with and darker shadow in the crease and lower lash line. It seriously takes not even 5 minutes to transform you day routine into a night routine. I am all about simplicity!

So we already have most of our makeup on. If you missed the first steps you can find them on last Monday's post.

-Add winged line to the top lash line.
-Take a kohl pencil or black crayon eyeliner and lightly line the outer lower lash line
-Take a darker shadow, add to the outer v of your eye
-Drag that darker shadow onto the lower lash line
-Contour your cheek bones and nose, forehead and chin. 

Bam you are done

Fall is slowly coming and it is time to start stocking up on all of those favorite Fall essentials. So we have teamed up to help one lucky reader get all those favorite Fall essentials to enjoy this year! Enter for your chance to win a $400 Visa Gift Card. 

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