Friday, August 28, 2015

Dressing Up a Tee

T-shirts are by far the greatest fashion item created. They are cute and easy to style. You can do so much with a t-shirt. And like I always say on my blog, I am all about comfort. 
These t-shirts are seriously under $5. They offer so many colors! I love this peach color. I think red heads look so cute in peach. It just goes with the skin tone and the hair. I dressed my tee up with a statement necklace, and blazer. I paired it with these distressed jeans I found at American Eagle. They are by far one of my favorite pairs of jeans. I know some of you hate jeans with holes, but they just add something to an outfit. I am a fan. 

Outfit Details:
Tee: Hanes c/o | Jeans: American Eagle (similar) | Blazer: Forever 21 (similar) | Heels: Charlotte Russe | Necklace: Happiness Boutique c/o

Thursday, August 27, 2015

Yellow Top

Outfit Details:
Top: Kingdom and State | Pants: American Eagle | Cardigan: Forever 21 | Shoes: Target
Necklace: Charming Charlie (similar

When shopping online, sometimes it looks much different on the site than it does in person. I saw this top online and fell in love with it. I waited for it to go on sale, and when it did I snatched it for a really good deal.

I was so excited as I was opening the package. Ran upstairs and tried it on. I looked in the mirror and it was so POOFY! Like Lady Gaga Poofy. I was so sad because I cannot pull this poof off. Luckily a cardigan and jacket can flatten out the poof.

That is the price we have to pay sometimes when shopping online. When you run into an issue like this there are so many ways you can make items work for you. If it is to big or small you can alter the item. You can do it yourself, or you can take it to a professional. I usually look to Merricks Art or Leanne Barlow when I need to alter things myself. If you can't return it, why not alter it to make it work. Even if you have to turn it into a scarf or beanie for your baby. Might as well get your money's worth right?

Monday, August 24, 2015

Travel in comfort

You may have seen the post I did a little while back of my off duty style. When I got camping, hop on a plane or go on a road trip I like easy layers that I am comfortable in. A sweater that doubles as a blanket, boots to keep my corpse feet warm. This is my perfect travel outfit. Easy, comfortable, and versatile. 

What is your travel style?

Outfit Details:
Top: Hanes c/o | Leggings: Hanes c/o| Jacket: Necessary Clothing c/o (similar)| Boots: Zulily

Friday, August 21, 2015

Fashion Finds Friday: Save and Splurge

I saw this on a blog I love to read and the "save" section was kind of silly. Maybe it is just me but her "save" section is a splurge to me. Maybe everyone else has a magic money tree, but around here $140 is a lot for a purse. I wouldn't consider that a save at all. Bless you people who can catagorize that as a budget saver. I am jealous of your life ;). Here are some real savings for splurge items.

save and splurge

Splurge Items:

1 | 2 | 3 | 4

Save Items:

1 | 2 | 3 | 4

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Thursday, August 20, 2015

Modest Hack: Sheer Shirt

Don't make fun of my crooked smile. I had surgery on one of my teeth and I didn't realize how crooked my smile was until I was going through these pictures. So I apologize for the derpy face today.

I love sheer shirts, but I don't have that cute little figure to pull them off. Plus I am way to conservative to wear it as such. Sheer shirts or peek-a-boo tops are adorable. When wearing one I try to wear a cream or top that matches the sheer tops color. This cream tee from DownEast works perfectly under this top.

How do you wear sheer tops?

(By the way if you wear sheer tops just as sheer tops there is no judgments here. If you can rock it, rock it!)

Outfit Details:
Top: Recycled Cosign & Design (old) (similar) | Under Shirt: DownEast Basics | Jeans: American Eagle | Shoes: Urban Og (old) (similar) | Necklace: Charming Charlie (similar)

(Some links are Affiliate links)

Wednesday, August 19, 2015

Fur Real

I have always loved having pets in my life. They bring you so much joy. On a really crappy day you can come home and they are there to cheer you up. However there are also days where you realize you are a pet parent. They get into things. Trail toilet paper through the house. Put holes in your furniture. You take the good with the bad, but the good certainly outweighs the bad.

We love our cat Trinity but she sure knows how to get in trouble.

How does your pet misbehave? What is their favorite way to push your buttons?

Make sure to enter the Rachael Ray "Fur Real Moments" Contest for your chance to win a year supply of Nutrish and $1500. (Enter here)

Because the Nutrish team understands what it is like to be a pet parent they created a meme generator so you can share the funny but mischievous things your pet does.

A portion of Rachael Ray's personal proceeds goes to Rachael's Rescue to help animals in need. Which is a wonderful cause for pets who aren't as lucky as yours.

When you purchase Nutrish a portion of the proceeds goes to food, medical supplies and treatments for animals in need.

You can check them out for yourself and see all the amazing things Nutrish has, and does for the pet community.

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Tuesday, August 18, 2015

Date Night

I love Aria, but it is nice to get out for a few hours and be alone with Brandon. Every time I am away however, I miss her and feel so guilty for being away. Do any of you moms feel that way?

When going out on a Date Night I like to be somewhat dressed up but comfortable. I love sweaters and skirts so why not put them together. This has been one of my go to looks. It is quick easy and I love how it looks. As a mom I don't have much time to get ready so I have to be ready to go quickly. This is a perfect outfit for dinner and a movie. Or a baseball game and fireworks. 

Outfit Details:
Sweater: Hanes c/o | Skirt: Old (similar) | Shoes: Forever 21