Monday, September 29, 2014


So the best day ever giveaway has ended congrats to the winner of the to shirt and the winner of the 25$ target gift card. Please email me @ to claim your prize. You have 24 hours to email me. Or a new winner will be picked at random. Thanks for the support and congrats!!!

Best Day Ever T shirt winner- Crystal

$25 Target Gift Card- Alissa Jolley

Friday, September 26, 2014

Karli Bitner newborn photography giveaway

Having a new baby is one of the greatest joy's in this world which is why you want to capture and freeze every moment you can before they grow up. One of the best ways to capture these moments is through professional photographs. Brittanie from Bargains with Brittanie recently had the opportunity to work with Karli from Karli Bitner Photography who is a local photographer that certainly has a passion for photography especially when it comes to newborns. Brittanie had a great experience with Karli and loved the way the photos of her newborn son turned out. You can check out those photos along with other work Karli has done in the gallery here. With the holidays nearing now is a great time to get professional photos done. If you live in Utah you can contact Karli Bitner Photography to book a session. You can also get announcement designs created just in time to send out those holiday cards! For more information visit the Karli Bitner Photography Websiteor Connect with Karli Bitner Photography on Facebook

Giveaway Time!

You have the opportunity to meet Karli in person because she is giving away a Newborn Photograpgy Session to one lucky Utah Resident! ($250 value) In addition, she is also giving away an announcement design with prints to one lucky winner residing outside of Utah! ($100 value) Combined there is $300 in prizes up for grabs!

 Entering is simple. Use the Rafflecopter form below. Giveaway is open to United States Residents only. The winner for the photography session must live in Utah and be willing to meet between Ogden and Downtown Salt Lake to take photos. Announcement design winner must live within the United States outside of Utah. Winners will be chosen via All Entries will be verified. Winners will be contacted via email and will have 24 hours to claim prize or a new winner will be chosen. Giveaway ends October 10, 2014. a Rafflecopter giveaway Disclosure: This blog did receive compensation for participating in this event. This blog is not responsible for prize fulfillment or shipment.

Thursday, September 25, 2014

Pink and floral

Sorry for the lack of outfit pics lately. It's hard to not just play with Aria all day. We have been having the best time with her. She is demanding in the food department but a great sleeper for the most part. We sure love her and enjoy watching her grow already. Time is flying already.

So this outfit I wanted something comfortable but I wanted to finally be out of sweat pants and a tee shirt. Being a new mom you just don't have a whole lot of time to do much else. This pink tee is seriously one of my favorites. It is so soft and the color is gorgeous. And of course throwing on a kimono for that extra coverage.

Top / Jeans / Shoes (similar) / Kimono c/o ( on sale) / Necklace / Earrings

Wednesday, September 24, 2014

Aria's Birthing Story

Wednesday September 10 I woke up in a puddle. I thought did I sweat this much at night? Did I seriously wet the bed? So I got up changed and went back to bed. Woke up same thing. This being my first pregnancy had no idea what was going on so I WebMD it. It said when the cervix thins you can loose a lot of fluid. And figuring since I was close it was just that. I had a Dr. appointment that morning anyway. So I went back to sleep. We got up and went to my appointment. I told the nurse that I had been leaking a clear fluid. She looked at me weird and was like maybe your water broke. And I told her I hadn't had any contractions so I didn't think it was my water. So she went and grabbed the Dr. She checked me and said. " Well your membranes have been ruptured." I asked what that meant and she looked at me and said "We are having a baby today." I looked at Brandon and the water works started. I was so excited. So we checked in and since I had no contraction they got me going on petoncin. So we played the waiting game. They had me cranked up to a 25 before I felt anything. You can only get to 40.  I felt a contraction finally and it wasn't as bad as I thought they would be but I wasn't sure it would get worse so I got the epidural. I am not strong like other women.
The epidural was weird feeling! Thankfully Brandon was there to hold my hand. After that I was feeling good. I watched movies with Brandon, my mom, dad and sister all day. It was actually really fun and relaxing.

I was getting dilated finally. So they had me start pushing. My Doctor had left out of town so I had the on call doctor. He came in and was in a hurry to get the baby here. I guess if your water is broken for more than 24 hours you can go septic. Glad I didn't know this at the time. I also spiked a fever that had them concerned. So he got the process going. She finally got here and luckily I didn't feel a thing.

We have been enjoying her. She has the funniest personality already. She reminds us of Grumpy Cat. Only in baby form. She is a happy baby but she sure doesn't like to show it. I am so lucky to have the family support that I have. Work has been awesome to work with me. I am so excited to have this blessing in my life. Being a mom has been hard work but so rewarding. Thank you all for your support and love.

Tuesday, September 23, 2014

Styling Dresses for Fall

Fall is one of the seasons that allows for a variety of styling options. I think that is why everyone loves fall so much. You can get away with pretty much anything. Layers, shorts, sweaters, anything. One of my favorite things to do in the fall is pair dresses with tights or leggings. I love how it looks and it is super comfortable. Especially with a cute pair of riding boots. Utah has such bipolar weather you never know when to have a coat or when you should be in shorts. One day it will snow the next it will be 80 degrees and sunny.

Here is how I like to style dresses for fall. Different temperatures of fall. Enjoy!

fall dresses

fall dresses by caylijeffries featuring vegan shoes

Outfit 1
Dress / Hat / Boots / Bag

Outfit 2
Dress / Tights / Jacket / Boots

Outfit 3
Dress / Hat / Boots

Monday, September 22, 2014

Makeover Monday: Beauty Subscription Boxes


Like I have said time and time again, I love makeup. And when you are on a budget you can't afford to risk an expensive purchase on a product unless you know you will love it, and your body won't have a weird reaction to it. So the best way to go about this....a beauty subscription box. And there are a ton of them. You get a box of deluxe samples each month with most subscriptions. I have tried two but there are others I want to try. How about you guys? Have you tried any makeup subscription boxes?

Glossy Box:

I had a year subscription to Glossy Box and I loved it. The only reason I stopped was to save for a house. I never had a box I did not like. I got some really great products. And the box your samples comes in is so cute.

Price: $21/ month
Product count: 5 Luxury Beauty Products (usually when a shampoo and conditioner are involved that counts as one. Some beauty boxes count that as 2.
Brands involved: Kryolan, Benefit, Be a Bombshell, Batiste, Butter, Ciate, Carols Daughter, etc.

Ipsy ;

I have not tried ipsy but I want to. I have a few friends that have ipsy and love it. They get some really awesome bags. Instead of a box you get a makeup bag of products. If you are into YouTube makeup gurus you should know this is Michelle Phan's company. So every month one of her YouTube guru team members puts out a how to video on the products in your bag that month.

Price: $10/month
Product Count: 5 Deluxe Samples
Brands Involved: NYX, Crown Brush, Pacifica, Glamglow, Urban Decay, bareminerals, Benefit, etc.


Now Birchbox had good boxes and bad. I have other blogger friends that do Birchbox and lately they have gone kinda down hill. Their samples are more on the meh side. Things like foil packets, tiny samples, over used samples. But there are some boxes that you can get some really awesome things. They are just the most iffy of the boxes.

Price: $10/ month
Product Count: 5 "deluxe" samples
Brands Involved:Cynthia Rowley, Smashbox, Benefit, Anastasia, Mally, etc

Sample Society:

Sample society is put on by Allure. I have not seen this box, I don't know anyone who has this subscription but browsing their past boxes they look pretty awesome. 

Price: $15/ month
Product Count: 5 deluxe samples
Brands Involved: Murad, butter, dermalogica, Bamboo, Ciate, H2o, etc. 

Popsugar is not just a makeup subscription you get a whole bunch of other things. Food, home decor, clothing items. I want this box as well. I watch YouTube videos on what is in these boxes. I get super jealous. The boxes are chuck full of amazing products. I know one time they had Kate Spade makeup bags. They were freaking cute! They are more expensive but you get more things, and better quality things. They also have baby boxes, and bridesmaid boxes. They have the cutest boxes!!

Price: $39.95/ month
Product Count: about 7 products
Brands Involved: Benefit, Stila, Rachel Zoe, Tea Forte, Barr Co.

Friday, September 19, 2014

Best Day Ever+ Tee shirt giveaway, $25 Target gift card giveaway

To me when saying "Best Day Ever" it has to involve family. My best day ever happened early early September 11. A day we usually sit in mourning over the tragedies that occured. All though it's a tragic day a glimmer of sunshine came to us this day. Our baby girl was born at 12:45 that morning. That whole day was calm and spent with people I love.

Wearing the shirt and carrying a newborn people automatically know how I feel about being a new mom. Life is so precious we have to cherish it. Especially new life.

I know its jut a graphic tee, but graphic tee's are more than just that now. It expresses how you feel without having to be asked. You can't go a day without seeing one. You can dress them in so many ways. I just paired mine with skinny jeans. Being a new mom I have had barely had time to sleep. So a tee and skinnies are perfect.

Elevate Promo sent me this shirt, and they are also giving away a shirt to one of my lucky readers. And since I thing it is such a great promotion I will also give one runner up a $25 Gift Card to Target.

Rules: You get one entry for each step you complete, comment below after each step completed.
-Comment below about your best day ever.
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